To try Saavor for free click on the download link below.  You are free to try it for 60 hours and if you don't like it then just don't use it anymore and if you do like it then you can register the software.  You have nothing to lose.  If you do not like this software then feel free to contact us and let us know why you don't like it or features that you wish could be added to this software.


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Site Download System Requirements
Saavor Win 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP


If  you already have downloaded the setup program for Saavor (above), then you don't need to download it again for an update.  Instead, you can download the much smaller exe files below.  Just copy the exe file over your existing file on your hard drive.  Make sure that you have Saavor closed when you do the copy.

 Saavor.exe - version 2.0.18     Aug 17, 2003

Update Summary
Version 2.0.4   - Added options <New Folder> and <Delete Folder>
Version 2.0.5   - Drag and drop functionality
                            Fixed bug when converting RTF to HTML when sending new mail message
Version 2.0.6  -  Added help files - Need to rerun setup for help files if you have a prior version.
Version 2.0.7  -  When a message is deleted, it will show the next message in the list automatically.
Version 2.0.8  -  no info
Version 2.0.9  -  no info
Version 2.0.10 - no info
Version 2.0.11 - Fixed status bar/progress bar on bottom of screen.  Was being cut partially off before.  Noticeable on XP systems.
Version 2.0.12 - Added option to customize auto response message.
                            Added unread message count indicator for each folder.
                            Added option to check emails and see if it was directly sent to recipient.  This is a spam option in the options screen.
Version 2.0.13 - Added View Emails On Server.  This will allow the user to view emails on the server without downloading them to your Inbox.
Version 2.0.14 - Changed font size when sending an email to 10.
                            Fix - Saavor would not always connect when checking for new emails.
Version 2.0.15 - Added spam options to the account screen
                             Fix - On New Message screen made a fix to the HTML option.
Version 2.0.16 - Added "New Message" notification box.
                             Fix - Some spam was getting in Inbox due to a bug.
Version 2.0.17 - Fix - Minor fix.  Nothing too noticeable.
Version 2.0.18 - Fix - Large emails were a bit slow to receive.