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Stop SpamSaavor - Anti-Spam filtering software.  Save yourself from Spam.  

 Stop Spam in its tracks.  Guaranteed to keep your inbox free of spam.  Save yourself from the frustration of receiving message after message of junk email.  Get rid of all those junk emails that you receive in your Inbox.  Saavor does not use key words to determine if a certain email is junk or not but instead uses a simple approach to determine if the email was sent by a real person or if it was sent out by someone with a bogus email.  Saavor is a powerful email client that will also keep your inbox free of spam.

How it works

Once Saavor receive an email it will determine if this is the first time receiving an email from this person.  If it is the first time Saavor will place the email in the Bulk folder.  It will then reply to the email and see if the person who sent you the email really exist.  If they do then the email will be placed in your inbox.  If they don't exist then the email will stay in the Bulk folder and will be deleted at a later time.  In simple terms, Saavor will reply to the email and if the person does not respond back then they are more then likely a bogus person or a spammer.  

Saavor also can check the received emails and determine if they were directly sent to you.  If the email was not directly sent to you then Saavor will keep that email out of your Inbox.  In simple terms, you have an email client with two great techniques for eliminating spam.

Another great feature that Saavor has is the ability to view emails on the server without having to download them to your inbox.


Saavor has the look and feel similar to Microsoft Outlook.  That way if you are familiar with Outlook, it then should be fairly simple to learn Saavor.











You have nothing to loose.  You can try Saavor for FREE.  Download the free trial version and you will see the difference in your inbox.


  • send and receive emails
  • spam filtering - keeps your inbox free of spam
  • has two powerful techniques on spam filtering
  • view emails on the server without downloading them to your inbox
  • import - import you addresses into saavor
  • add an unlimited number of email accounts
  • tell saavor when to delete the junk mail
  • and much more...




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